Welcome, Meet George the Red Robot!

George the Red Robot was created by a three-year-old girl, Mia, who has a wonderful imagination. Mia invented George and the robot friends during bedtime storytelling sessions with her Dad. Her first story was inspired by her dad and his lost wallet. Mia loves learning about how to share her thoughts and ideas with others.

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George the Red Robot is a warm hearted young robot who loves to learn and play.

The idea of a young robot learning and exploring has led to the development of educational videos that are fun, entertaining, and most importantly lead to actual learning. Many of the videos on YouTube geared towards toddlers/ young children have very little educational content. Our goal of GTRR is to put more learning (and entertainment/fun) into screen time. Get ready for fun and Adventure with George the Red Robot and the robot friends! We hope you (and your child) enjoy!

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