About Us

Challenging the status quo of screen time and reading material for children.

You and your kids, well, all of us deserve engaging high value EDUCATIONAL content based on basic principles of childhood learning. What is out there is OK, we strive to do better. Why? Our children matter.

Who are we? We are professionals and parents (holding several doctorates) with young children. We understand screen time isn’t going away, neither are the digital education platforms.

Most of us didn’t grow up with the technology, if we did it certainly was not at the content level of where we are today. We remember times where educational content was heavily edited, relegated to a few TV stations. Even for the young parents YouTube was likely known as a platform for watching “how to” videos, funny vids, and viral videos (pretty much summed up by wheezer’s Pork and beans). Now there is so much content in the YouTube (#1 video platform) space it can be overwhelming.

If you have taken a moment to see what your child has been exposed to on the platform, you probably understand that most of the content geared towards kids is mediocre at best. Some of the content has value, most of it is cheap and contains very little educational content. We will admit, we do enjoy getting McDonalds for our children, easy, fast, convenient and tastes good enough to satisfy. However, we ultimately know the food is only good in moderation because it contains little nutritious content. This is analogous the the current culture of kids content on YouTube, fast, easy, entertaining enough. We are challenging the status quo. All of our content has been created with our community in mind. As our reach grows we will never lose sight of that.

We want our community members to feel good about the content their children are watching during screen time. It’s that simple. We want our content to resonate with audiences of all different backgrounds, religions, languages, creeds, genders, and ethnicities and races. All of our content is available in English and Spanish. Our plan is to expand and adapt based on our community need. It’s that simple. We are here for us.